Today I want to show you another project I've been working on. It's called, and it's a simple technology news source.


MOSFET is a different kind of news site, which focuses on the latest updates and breakthroughs in technology, and the goal was to do it in a way which makes it easy to keep up with the increasing speed of technological change.

I tried something similar-ish with NODE news a few years ago, but I now realize it was an incomplete idea. MOSFET builds on what I learned, and I think is a way better experience.

I wanted to keep the whole thing very simple, so the main site is basically a list of the latest news, and nothing more. Each post is a 1-3 paragraph summary on the topic at hand, plus any source links or videos for further learning. Each post expires after 30 days, so you only ever see the latest.

That makes it easy to quickly go through the days or weeks events by clicking on headlines, or using the J or K keys on the keyboard. It's kind of like a mix between a tech news site and a feed reader.

You can tailor which information you see by choosing categories in the settings menu, making it easy to hide topics you're not interested in.

There are a bunch of theme options available to tailor the look of the site, I really like the old school amber terminal personally. You can toggle the image and video filters too if you want them off.

Feeds are auto-generated and available in the top left, so you can get your news via an RSS reader if you want.


The MOSFET, or metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor is one of the most significant inventions that has enabled this hyper technological world we live in today. They're basically the foundation of many electronic components we have used since the 1960s, such as processors, memory chips, power devices etc, and apparently they are the most manufactured device of any kind in human history. It seemed fitting to use the name.

Hopefully this can become a useful tool for all the inventors and engineers out there as a way to keep up with the fast pace of change, and maybe spark ideas.

It could be a prime candidate for some type of machine learning system to semi-autonomously find and create the posts, so maybe that's a future possibility. I'm just going to start off small and see where it goes.

Check it out or subscribe to the feeds if you want. I'll also be posting about new NODE projects on the site, so it will be another way to stay updated with things I'm working on.