Hey everyone, hope you're doing well. Here is a project that my friend Baptiste and I have been working on for quite a while, and we're glad to be finally showing you.


As the name suggests, it's a pinout reference book that you can download for free. It's aimed at designers, engineers and tinkerers, and basically covers a good chunk of the regular components and boards people like us will come across while we're working on electronics projects.

I'm sure many of you have a folder full of random screenshots, bookmarks and files for commonly used components you work with. Baptiste and I wanted to create a simple resource with custom, easy to identify illustrations, so that's what we did. It started off being a lot smaller in scope, and ballooned into over 300 pages.

It was originally designed to be a physical book, but we realised it made more sense to be downloadable, as we can keep updating it regularly. We may do on-demand printing down the road once we've fleshed things out though.


The design is split into 2 main parts. On the left page there is a simple illustration of each component. We tried to make these as easily recognisable as possible, and since it's a PDF, you can zoom right in when needed. Then on the opposite page is the corresponding table containing information on the pins, and if available, any other pertinent info like power requirements etc.

We always kept in mind the idea of this being a quick reference, as opposed to a 5000+ page super technical document, so we've intentionally kept things uncomplicated. That being said though, if you do need to find more information about a particular pinout, we have included links at the top of each page. Go to those addresses and they will redirect to any corresponding wikis, datasheets or specifications we could find.


So what's included? Well we have a selection of connectors, including audio/video, all the USB types and some miscellaneous ones too. There's also a section on memory cards. We then have a range of commonly used microcontroller chips, before we get to the main meat of the book, which is all the different single board computers and dev boards out there.

This includes separate sections for Adafruit, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi, and then a large range of other random SBCs, like Tinker Boards, Beaglebones, Banana Pi, Odroid and others.

And wrapping up, there's a section for misc dev boards, such as Sparkfun, Particle boards, Espruino etc.

So far the book covers 130 different individual components and boards, and we plan on adding more as the project goes on. There's a full list of everything included on


This is really only the beginning, so please bare with us. We looked at everything a million times over but we're bound to have missed some stuff. If you have ideas for other categories and devices that might be good to include, let us know.

We hope you like this and find it useful. If you want to support the project we made some nice tshirt designs based off the illustrations in the book. They're also on the site if you're interested.

Anyways, thanks for watching. Take care and I'll speak to you again soon.