Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you're all having a great day. Today I wanted to make a quick video as a thank you for everything.

I was looking through my components the other day and thought I would like to put together a little treasure trove of electronic goodies and give it to one of you. 95% of it is brand new, and I figured it might be useful for someone who enjoys making things like I do.


- All different types of USB connectors and sockets. Some breakout boards included in there too.

- A range of small fans, including standard type and side blowing fans. All of these work at 5V.

- Lots of different buttons and switches. These include momentary switches, slide switches, limit switches, magnetic reed switches, touch sensors, and others.

- A range of generic mini speakers and piezo buzzers.

- HDMI connectors, and ethernet sockets.

- A range of wires, flex cables, and some corresponding flex cables connectors.

- Header pins and sockets that fit on Raspberry Pi's. Other breadboard type headers, some mini heatsinks and a couple mini motors.

- A few displays including an Adafruit PiTFT 2.2", Adafruit OLED Bonnet, 2 other generic OLED displays, HyperPixel 4.0 Touchscreen, Adafruit ProtoBonnet, a Muxtronic Nanohub USB hub, an Arduino Uno clone, Pi Zero, and Pi Zero W. Then there's a wide range of power boards, including charge boosts, LiPo charger, buck convertors, battery level indicators etc. All of these power boards work for 3.7V LiPo battery input.


I've set up a temporary email address at To enter, just send a message letting me know your favourite project you worked on this past year, and what you plan to make next year. Let me know the country you're in, and don't forget to link to your project pages on github, hackaday, thingiverse, printables etc.

The giveaway closes on Dec 31, when I'll pick someone and contact you to send everything over.

Alright, thank you again for everything. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a great new year. Bye.